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fall hard

Anthony Vaccarello

Anthony VaccarelloAnthony VaccarelloAnthony Vaccarello
Anthony VaccarelloAnthony VaccarelloAnthony Vaccarello

>>anthony vaccarello<<


knock down all the doors

work of stefan giftthaler; une beaute reussedesigner saskiadiez; oxidized sterling silver knots w/ tassels; adjustabledesigner peter ripa; heavy bicycle chain; one size; sterling silverwork of stefan giftthaler; une beaute reussedesigned by NAOKOOGAWA; drawing line necklace; you can get it in "Oxidized Black" or "Natural Silver"work of stefan giftthaler; une beaute reussedesigned by adieu; best friends forever tee; one size
work of stefan giftthaler; une beaute reusseAVR VAN REIMERSDAHL; wool + polyester w/ leather optic; THICKwork of stefan giftthaler; une beaute reussedesigned by FANNIESCHIAVONI; tubenecklace; steel; one size

>>brilliance of stefan giftthaler ‘une beaute reusse’ + steel + multifaceted crystal + fleeting fairytales + imaginary friends + in a daze + braided leather + somber palette + knots, tangles, chains + watercolor tees that look as if they had been painted by the amaterish hand of a child + a tilted world w/ open ends<<

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costantino zicarelli; we are the children your parents warned you about costantino zicarelli, it was always about forevercostantino zicarelli; fallen chandeliercostantino zicarelli; graphite skullscostantino zicarelli; coal casted skull; one billion years costantino zicarelli; beyond evil; ball pen on papercostantino zicarelli; couple kissing and laughing; ballpen on papercostantino zicarelli; silhouette of trees costantino zicarelli; everything is not going to be alright; wood + mirror'The Nowhere Tank Top'; aoi kotsuhiroispinal bracelet; coyote+ snake bones; ayaka nishispinal bracelet; coyote+ snake bones; ayaka nishiJesus' crown of thorns; savannah wyattDouble crown of thorns; savannah wyattwarrior; flapper; savannah wyattchic; savannah wyatt

>>primal instincts + revolution + silver + graphite + coal + unspoken rhetorics + loose limbs + elastic thorns, layered and knotted to sharp points + snakes ribs + coyote spine + curtain-worthy fringes + cos’ brilliance + glassy surfaces + jaded flashbacks + ballpen etches + a heightened sense of a bigger greater something <<

Amore; deformed + fallen chandelier; graphite and coal-casted skulls; liquid-like symmetries composed of ball pen lines; contorted silhouettes of trees stretching beyond the canvas; and the mirror picket-fence smashed, reflecting “the dream” right back at you. These incredible artworks belong to my friend costantino zicarelli. He’s half-filipino + half-italian, though resides in the Philippines. His fixation on morbid taboo themes came to the fore as I scoured through NOT JUST A LABEL and encountered fashion items such as The Nowhere Tank Topâ by aoi kotsuhiroi, spinal jewelry crafted with real coyote + snake bones dipped in sterling silver by ayaka nishi, as well as the˜BLACK AS BLACK headpieces of savannah wyatt inspired by “various things such as flappers, warriors and Jesus’ crown of thorns.

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