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anita hirlekar

>>textiles + 2012 + central st martins talent + garments inspired by rothko to richter<<

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natalie rae

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>>headlight look<<

Natalie Rae is based inLondon, United Kingdom. She studied at London College Of Fashion and graduated in2010. Her collections are produced in United Kingdom.

My approach to fashion design is always about wearability and practicality. In an age where sustainability is becoming a growing issue, its important to look every step of the production process and help create a cycle that eliminates waste and in turn starts with a unique garment that is ready to go from start to finish. In order to keep my ideas wearable but individual, I integrate hand crafted textures, exciting colors combinations and feminine silhouettes but without over complicating the look.
With my experience at London College of Fashion as well as London itself, I have become more and more absorbed with sustainability in fashion. With that, I would like to make more of a contribution to the current fashion industry in helping create commercial products that are ethically and environmentally sound.


Natalie Rae’s exciting debut collection fuses bold embroidery and a natural colour palette with casual American 1980s silhouettes.

- Inspired by the anthropomorphic artwork of artist Ryan Berkeley, each of the 8 looks invokes the spirit of well-shod wildlife from Berekely’s animal portraiture. Using a different animal from 8 of Berkeley’s illustrations, Natalie has brought together elements of nature photography, detail from Victorian period animal illustrations as well as experimental painting techniques.  - – The collection balances organic, ethically sourced fabrics and material with a fashion-forward sensibility. Fabrics for this collection come from organics suppliers in India and the UK. The majority of this collection’s fabrics have been hand-dyed to match the warm palette of Berkeley’s illustrations. The one-of-a-kind embroidery work was designed by Natalie and crafted by Hand and Lock of London, at their new fair trade facilities in India. The wooden clutches and totes that compliment the collection where hand crafted by Teal and Gold in Canada using American Walnut wood from a sustainable forest in the United States



crayon eater (part I)

james jean kimikokimikokimikojames jeankimikokimikokimikojames jeankimikokimikokimikokimikojames jean>>james jean + kimiko<<

we came,

we saw,

jaws dropped


a day like any other

view from our living room at sundown finishing up; sow-cietyi know it says fearless on the painting but it's actually titled 'short-sighted'it evolved into utopiablack and white utopia

>>utopia + excess + acrylic + paint thinner + hollow spaces + Awesome post-it + absolut peach & other liquids + butterscotch pencil + sow-ciety  + urban/tribal settings + my world + “i see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil” <<